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How this Site Came About ...

The Bluegrass Guitar Home Page was created to provide a convenient source of information about the guitar and its role in Bluegrass music. Our goal is to help promote traditional flatpicking guitar and assist players, and would-be players, to find the information they are looking for in their quest for learning and improvement.

I've had a personal interest in the guitar and in Bluegrass Music since the early 1960's. I started the site in 1998 because I was looking for something like it and when I couldn't find it I decided to build it myself.

In the beginning the site was mainly a place where you could find links to relevant content on the guitar in Bluegrass music. In time more original content was added, such as TABS, the Top 10 Tunes poll and the Study Tune.

The site will continue to evolve over time, and we would like to hear from you on how we can make it better. If you have suggestions on how the site could be made better, please let us know by using our contact form.

Thanks for your interest in!

Steve Carr