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Study Tune: Where to Go from Here

Thanks for looking through our Study Tune section. We hope it gave you some insights into how to take a basic tune and apply different picking styles to it. Here are some resources to help you learn more about Carter-Style playing, crosspicking and the Carter Family.

Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? The Carter Family and Their Legacy in American Music
by Mark Zwonitzer, Charles Hirshberg (Contributor)

A must-read if you're interested in learning about the Carter Family. Published in 2002, this book is the first major biography about the Carter family.


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Guitar Styles of The Carter Family
by Mike Seeger
Mike Seeger toured with Maybelle Carter and visited with Sara on several occasions, learning their styles intimately. He teaches how to get the famous Carter Family guitar sound and incorporate it into some of their most significant songs. Mike is joined by Janette Carter, who offers reminiscences of the family, demonstrates her mother Sara's guitar playing, and sings on most of the songs. DVD cover

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The Carter Family Collection
by Fred Sokolow

This songbook features 32 full transcriptions (solos & backup): "Wildwood Flower", "Wabash Connonball", "Can the Circle be Unbroken", "Foggy Mt. Top", etc. Includes an analysis of Maybelle's picking style.

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Can the Circle Be Unbroken?: Country Music's First Family
The Carter Family

This CD contains 20 tracks from the 1930's, so it is from the middle of the group's career. The quality of the recording is excellent as it is from a remastered original recording, and you can hear Maybelle's excellent playing very clearly.
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33 Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals
Clarence White

A very unique CD! This collection of solo acoustic flatpicking guitar recordings was discovered in the personal tape library of Clarence White. Offers all flatpickers the opportunity to hear Clarence by himself on 33 great Bluegrass tunes.
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